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Cosmetic Surgery

Vaser Lipo Treatment To Remove Excess Fat & Shape & Contour The Body

The stomach is a problem area for lots of women. Whether it’s bloating, a pot belly or post pregnancy tummy, when looking at themselves in the mirror, their stomach can seem out of proportion with the rest of their body. A flat tummy can increase women’s body positivity and give them more confidence.

Vaser lipo is the gentlest, yet most effective and precise form of liposuction available, making it suitable for most parts of the body, even those small, delicate areas like the chin and knees. The most popular treated areas are the stomach, chest, hips and inner and outer thighs. Vaser lipo is a minimally invasive treatment, shaping and contouring your body, and leaving your skin smoother and more toned. The vaser process is very soft on the body, and for such a small procedure you won’t believe the amazing results.

Important benefits of Vaser Lipo:

  • Refines and emphasises the muscle appearance
  • Smoothed skin in the most delicate areas such as arms and chin
  • Easy removal of large amounts of stored fats
  • Readily visible results after a single procedure

Your cosmetic doctor will choose which of the vaser lipo techniques they will use, as it will depend on which the area of the body you want treatment on, and the amount of fat that you’d like removed. If you prefer a more athletic, defined or sculpted result, then vaser hi-def or vaser mid-def might be better options for you.

During your consultation with the cosmetic doctor, you will discuss the results that you’ll want to achieve, and the doctor will tailor your treatment to create your personal ideal body shape. With vaser, what’s even better, is that you’ll continue to see results for the next few weeks.

The Vaser lipo method removes fat with minimum disturbance to the body. It’s aim is to produce a smooth silhouette and it’s a treatment that’s proven to get faster, smoother results than traditional liposuction. A vaser procedure softens the fat so that it comes out smoothly and evenly, and this allows the doctor to remove greater amounts of fat safely. As long as you keep to a healthy diet and exercise plan, you will keep your new shape.

We treat most vaser procedures under local anaesthetic and a mild sedative, so you’re wide awake and chatting to your doctor throughout your treatment. The procedure can also be done under twilight sedation, but this will increase the cost of your treatment, as it requires an anaesthetic.

Vaser is a walk-in, walk-out procedure that’s very effective, you’ll see almost instantaneous results. You’ll see your flat tummy as soon as the procedure is over, enabling you to show it off, almost as soon as you leave the clinic. There’ll be minimal bruising and swelling, although you should expect a small amount, and your recovery will take just a matter of days.

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