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Vaser Lipo Treatment Will Leave You With A Smooth Toned Silhouette

Vaser Lipo Treatment Will Leave You With A Smooth Toned Silhouette

The vaser lipo technique uses a precise, but minimally invasive liposuction technology, to deliver the amazing results you’ve been looking for. In many cases, the results become visible after only one treatment.

Vaser lipo is the procedure you need, if you want to refine and sculpt your figure and take away unwanted fat. Vaser lipo can help you look your very best, whether it’s a simple improvement in a particular problem area, or a major full-body transformation.

The vaser lipo technique offers lots of advantages over traditional liposuction treatments.

  • The vaser procedure does not need any large incisions.
  • The treatment is tissue-selective and targets only the fat, leaving other tissues protected from any damage.
  • The procedure is powerful enough to deal with large areas of fat, but it’s gentle on core areas such as the arms, chin and neck.
  • Recovery time is much shorter due to less damage to surrounding tissues and blood vessels.
  • It’s been clinically proven to provide only the best results in treated areas, leaving your skin smooth and your body, beautifully contoured.

Before undergoing vaser lipo you should try to tone your muscles as much as possible through exercise, as this will give your body a better shape once we remove the excess fat. Exercising will also help to keep you healthy, and make sure you are fit and well for your treatment.

The pain during a vaser lipo procedure is minimal, because treatment is only mildly invasive. We numb the treatment areas with local anaesthetic, and we make only very small incisions in the skin to fit the thin suction tubes, and there is normally no need for any stitches.

Important benefits of Vaser Lipo

  • Refines and emphasises muscle appearance.
  • Smooth’s the skin in the most delicate areas such as arms, chin and neck.
  • Easy removal of large amounts of stored fats.
  • Readily visible results after a single procedure.
  • It’s the best way to remove fatty tissue for aesthetic body contouring.

Results are immediate and you will be able to see your new changed shape as soon as your vaser treatment has finished. Treated areas might be a little swollen, but results will improve after a week and continue to improve for up to six months, as your skin tightens with new collagen growth. Your post-op care programme will include deep tissue massage that will help to improve your results.

You will go home with a post-op care programme to follow to help your recovery. You may feel a little bruising or swelling in the treated areas, which should subside after a few days.

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