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Exercise Leadership in the New Year

Physically fit people are in general healthier, smarter, physically and psychologically stronger, younger looking, less stressed, more disciplined and more focused than their sedentary peers, according to medical researchers and exercise physiologists. These attributes benefit all of us and they in particular serve Solopreneur consultants and business owners very well.

The tangible and intangible benefits of exercise are directly transferrable to our business lives, for what a successful Solopreneur consultant must be is calm, disciplined, focused, resourceful and prepared to overcome challenges, seize opportunities and deliver excellent results every time.

Because the self-employed typically have more control over our schedules, that should make it easier to begin and maintain a regular exercise regimen. Researchers recommend that to achieve the best results from an exercise regimen, one should aim to get at least 45 minutes of weightlifting, cardio, core training and/or yoga at least four times per week.

Surfer and CEO of Manhead Merch, Chris Cornell, shared a few reasons for making the sport (that is, physical fitness regimen) of surfing part of his life and business strategy.

Better perspective

As we go through life, we are eventually able to view challenges in a more balanced way. What appears to be a life-altering crisis at age 21 is all in a day’s work by the time we turn 35. Because working out regularly makes one physically and psychologically stronger, its practitioners are better prepared to fight stress and fatigue. “Working out serves as a life balance and centering point for me,” according to Cornell.

More creative

In Cornell’s experience he has observed that, “Working out while being alone with your thoughts enhances creative awareness. You are more mentally sharp and physically settled at the same time.”

Improved decision-making

Those who work out regularly learn to listen to their bodies and their intuition and they are able to figure out what is and is not good for them. They eventually learn when to work through a problem and when to walk away, a decision that is routinely encountered in the gym.

Am I too tired to continue this workout? Should I do a light workout if I’m injured, or take a few days off and make an appointment to see a chiropractor or an orthopedic surgeon? Through continual practice, decision fatigue and general indecision will be diminished.


Formidable challenges await in the gym and in the business environment. In the gym, one learns to dig deep and push through the challenges. As you train to do this physically, you also train to become psychologically stronger. Working out not only makes us stronger, but also more resilient. Physical fitness is a confidence booster, as studies have shown. One develops the mental strength to face down onerous tasks and take them on with everything you’ve got.

If you consistently visit your local gym and/or participate in a sport, you have experienced and can appreciate the numerous benefits of regular exercise. If you are among the 80% of Americans who is sedentary, why not rethink your strategy and view an exercise regimen as an activity that confers competitive advantages?

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