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Hair Loss

Think Thin! Tips On Managing Thin Hair and How Keranique Can Help

Having a thin head of hair is an uphill battle. Sure, our thick-haired sisters have their own unique struggles, but woe does befall gals who barely have two hairs to rub together. Limited are the cuts and styles we are able to pull off with our fine, thin strands. But, there is hope. Many have come before us and managed those wispy locks, and we will also prevail! Check out these essential tips on steering those skimpy strands in the right direction.

1.The Right Way to Clean, Condition, and Treat

Some are born with thin hair, and some experience thinning hair after pregnancies, menopause, or just over time as they are growing older. No matter which of these categories you may fall under, the same rules apply. How you’re cleaning, conditioning, and the other products you’re using on your hair can make or break it. Many products with good intentions (moisturizing, for example) actually threaten to weigh hair down, thus making it appear more lifeless than ever. An effective thickening and volumizing system will be one that cleanses without build-up, conditions without weighing down, and that stimulates new hair growth, initiating real change in the hair, not just the appearance of it.

Keranique for women offers a unique three-part system that is clinically proven to foster the regrowth of hair, starting with a powerfully formulated shampoo that removes buildup and promotes microcirculation in the scalp. Keranique’s Conditioner is concocted purposefully to not add weight to the hair, yet still provide it volume and body. There’s only one product on the market for women that is clinically proven and approved to regrow hair in women, and it is the Keranique’s Hair Regrowth Treatment. This long-term treatment involves the hair follicle itself, reactivating those that have fallen asleep, awakening your hair to new life!

2. Follow These Safe Styling Habits

Once you have your hair follicles stimulated toward new growth, make sure you aren’t working against progress when styling. Make sure to use a wide-toothed comb while hair is still wet to gently comb through for minimal hair loss. Don’t overdo it with styling products. A simple volumizing mousse or texturizing spray will do. Too much product will start the messy build-up cycle. Don’t try to force the “beachy waves” look. Oftentimes, thin hair (especially if it’s board-straight) will look even thinner and splotchy if slept on wet or if let to only air dry. Use the hair dryer to your advantage: Flip your head upside down while blow drying to volumize.

3. Cut and Style Accordingly

Choose a cut that flatters thin hair. Try an angled bob, shaggy lob, or chunky layers to add dimension. For longer, thin hairstyles, try teasing at the roots for a fuller, more voluminous look. Also, take advantage of the “messy hair” look that is trending now. A messy bun atop your head or a braid that is pulled apart a bit creates a fuller look and the appearance of more hair! Also, utilize styling accessories such as a sock bun to give your bun a boost. You can also use bobby pins to create a puff on top, or a headband to push your hair slightly forward at the roots to create more body.

Using Keranique, safe styling habits, and the best cut and style for your hair type is just the right combo for not only managing your fine mane, but also for thriving with thin hair!

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