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All You Need to Know About Thyroid Cancer

Mankind has evolved tremendously over recent centuries. Along with the constant evolution, various viruses and diseases have always hindered a man’s healthy life. Cancer is one of those deadly diseases that has been a common obstacle to leading a peaceful and healthy life. Although it is a dangerous disease, medical researchers and associations throughout the world have made significant developments in cancer treatment and developing medications for the same.

Cancer is a medical condition that can affect any part of the human body. Cancer is a deformity that leads to abnormal growth of cells in a body part and outgrows the normal functioning cells. This deformity makes it difficult for that body part to carry out basic functioning. Even though this sounds harsh and unpleasing, medical researchers have developed various methods and treatments to cure Cancer successfully. Many of the cured cancer patients are living a very peaceful and successful life at present.

As mentioned earlier, cancer can affect any part of your body and leads to its malfunctioning. Cancer can affect your stomach, lungs, liver, and even your blood. Even though cancers are similar in how they affect a body part, they are different in terms of their growth and treatment. One of the many components of your body that can be affected by cancer is Thyroid. The thyroid is a gland that is located near a person’s neck. The thyroid is pivotal for conducting metabolism and is crucial for releasing various bodily hormones necessary for directing many functions, including energy usage, producing heat, and consumption of oxygen.

Cancer is caused due to abnormal growth of cells in a body part. Similarly, in Thyroid cancer, cells are produced and mutated at an extraordinary scale in the Thyroid gland. This abnormal and unwarranted growth of cells forms a tumor in a person’s Thyroid gland and causes Cancer. Medical researchers have stated that if Thyroid cancer is detected early, it is one of the most easily curable cancers. As seen in other forms of cancer, if a person is affected by Thyroid cancer, he/she may not witness any symptoms immediately. Cancer gradually strengthens and starts damaging the body part over a certain period. Some of the most common symptoms witnessed by Thyroid cancer patients are neck and throat pain, hoarseness, extreme cough, and trouble swallowing.

Like the other types of cancer, there is no fixed reason or condition due to which a person contracts Thyroid cancer. But, some specific conditions may lead to Thyroid cancer.

1] Inherited cancerous genes: One of the reasons a person is affected by Thyroid cancer is inheriting cancerous genes from his/her parents. Nearly 20% of the medullary thyroid cancer cases are due to the patient’s inheritance of an abnormal gene from his/her parents.

2] Deficiency of Iodine in the body: A diet has to be a wholesome entity of various essential components. Iodine is a very crucial component of a person’s body. It has been observed that some of the Thyroid cancer cases are due to the person’s lower intake of Iodine-rich food.

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