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No More Eye Strain! Discover How to Protect The WINDOWS TO THE WORLD!

Deep-set eyes, Mono-lids eyes or Hooded eyes; they all have the similar function,to guide you faithfully until you misuse or overuse them.

When l was a little girl, my eyes were large, round, black with double eyelids. Friends and neighbors frequently commented on my beautiful set of eyes. That caused me to be proud of my beauty. As years passed by, the eyes were over-worked, over-strained and the eyelids become drooping and sometimes puffy. The long hours pouring over and marking the students’ exercises or the examination papers were also affecting the health of my eyes.

There are different colors of eyes.

People with black eyes, are very secretive, a study revealed. They don’t open up to strangers or newly acquainted friends so easily. They take a longer time to socialize and be comfortable with them. When l read that, l told myself those characteristics fit me! l AM LIKE THAT! I have black eyes and l will only become buddy-buddy with someone, after one to two years. I am very cautious of strangers too!

Blue-eyed people on the other hand are said to be the most desirable. Many babies are born with blue eyes, that’s why they’re so desirable.But the blue irises are quick to change after two weeks. If they’re genetically blue-eyed, they will remain blue naturally for the rest of their lives. Most people perceive blue-eyes are very attractive, In addition,people with blue eyes have a calm and peaceful personality.

But Lo… and Behold!… the green-eyed people, look so mysterious! They’re curious in nature and tend to get jealous easily. l wouldn’t like to have a partner with green eyes!

Those with brown eyes are said to be independent. They have self confidence and determination to carry out whatever they undertake. You know you can trust them to fulfill their promises with perfection. Brown- eyed boys are representatives of knowledge and commitment, which are highly regarded.

We can communicate so much with our eyes, from the slightest glance to a deep stare.They have the ability to reveal our emotions. We could see the sadness in his eyes when his partner left him. He can’t hide that expression in the eyes. Only an actor who has undergone training can express differently.

A child’s eyes will sparkle brilliantly when he scores 100% in his examination papers.

When you’re excited, frightened,anxious, angry or jealous, the eyes reveal the expressions so automatically. Naturally, we must not cause EYE STRAIN too often.

Take plenty of breaks if you’re browsing the internet. We have to look up or look out of the window and do some eye exercises. Look at some greenery and flowers in your garden and roll your eye balls. Allow your eyes to focus on different points in your room; focus on the things near and far. That way would relieve some strain to the eyes.

Too much time spent on the computer also strain the neck,back muscle and causes headaches and fatigue too. Getting up and walk-a-about is advisable but sleep is the MOST DESIRABLE rest for the eyes.If you can’t afford to sleep during the day, just shut your eyes for a few minutes and just do NOTHING! If your eyes feel dry, use eye drops to make you feel better. Sleeping well is beneficial to your mental and physical health.

All lights have some effects on sleep. Blue light is beneficial during the day but not at night. We have to limit the blue light exposure to get better sleep. When possible, turn off all devices two hours before bedtime to let your eyes relax.

Do you know that you have to change your mattress every 5-7 years to make you sleep better? Also be mindful of what you eat or drink before bed.Your stomach should not be too full, wait at least three hours after dinner before you hit your bed.

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