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Core Principles in Psychiatric Medicines and a Few Doctors

All psychiatric medicines are based on one single principle. The post below will get you a solid idea of the core idea behind it-

The psychiatric medicines are given to people leading a non-hygienic life to reset him back to a healthy hygienic lifestyle. This is applicable to all medicines prescribed by psychiatrists. In fact, the psychiatrists have this tendency to force you to accept their understanding without curing your disease.

They will force the medicine through high doses of drugs that will, in turn, destroy your body’s immune system completely. As the immune system starts to degrade, you will develop fear which will compel you to accept whatever they say. If you do not accept, they will increase the dose further. Then your immune system will be at its worst hit, affecting your ability to walk. It will also drain out your energy. Then you will not be able to eat and finally, you will die. They will inject the fear of death in you and you will be compelled to accept their doses which will actually impair your ability to talk. Then you will become their puppet.

Be careful.

The above is the experience based on incidents of my life.

The true continental approach is relatively remembered through prescription.

I happened to go to one of the dirtiest psychiatrists in my life and I wrote this article after his treatment for seven years. He destroyed my immune system very badly by theoretical thinking of what he supports and what he expects. But during the last couple of years, I found the medicines are equivalent enough to bring wisdom in me through a great knowledgeable practicing Psychiatrist.

So with the changing and thanks to the great psychiatrist, I overcame the great hurdle in my life by involving mother of great details. Sometimes in life, you do not overtake a supplement prescribed because you trust the person who proposes the remedies. The great knowledge is not to be known by every great being on earth. But you should know great leaders are not the one who lost the battle but the one who chased and ran towards the winning super cautious dynamics. I know about all dirty symptoms which can be cured with same sub-hazardous ills.

Today I am writing this article to stress that there are people in this industry who are honored through values and systems of involvement and changes in the biodynamic literature.

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