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Nursing Abroad As A Career: How Can The IRON Course Help?

There has never been a better time than now to seek work as a nurse overseas! The job search columns on the internet are littered with opportunities for skilled nurses looking for a change, and work opportunities are plentiful in countries like Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

A year or more working overseas can put the career of ambitious young nurses on an upward path, helping them to gain international experience and exposure to a different healthcare environment and working culture. By stretching themselves to the utmost professionally as well as personally, they can experience new challenges and learn to solve medical complex issues which they may never have faced before.

A career in nursing overseas can open up a world of opportunities for you and can lead to an exciting and rewarding life. So if you have made up your mind that you would like to explore this wonderful opportunity, what’s the first step you should be taking?

Healthcare practices and protocol vary depending on which country you are in, and nurses who have obtained nursing qualifications overseas may need to undertake a Bridging Course before applying to practice in the country of their choice. There are multifold opportunities for skilled nurses in countries like Australia, and overseas qualified nurses need to complete the IRON course for nurses (IRON stands for Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) to demonstrate their competency and ability to practice in Australia.

The IRON course content is structured to help overseas qualified nurses to provide comprehensive nursing care in contemporary health care settings in Australia. The program content contains theory pertaining to the Australian health care system, professional nursing practice in Australia and clinical and laboratory skills. The course content helps develop attitudes and expertise achieving Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) competencies in nurse practice. Once they have successfully completed this course, they can apply for work in different healthcare settings such as Aged Care, Acute Care, Care of the Disabled, and so on, depending on their own preferred area of expertise and interest.

To function with confidence and professionalism in the Australian healthcare environment, nurses must be able to use a range of information technologies including word processing and retrieving of information. They should be able to work individually and as a part of a multidisciplinary team, while thoroughly understanding the professional and ethical responsibilities aligned with being a registered nurse in this country.

Nurses are taught to develop their critical reasoning and reflection skills, and can exhibit innovative thinking to be able to act decisively in new and novel situations. The IRON program for nurses encourages graduates to take responsibility for the development of nursing as a discipline and profession, which necessitates developing the minimum skills for independent study and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Your first step towards a rewarding career as a nurse in Australia is to identify and enroll yourself in an IRON Course in Australia from a reputed Healthcare institute. The IRON course for nurses will increase your knowledge of the Australian social, cultural, political and economic context in which health services operate so that you can get gainful employment leading to a fulfilling career as a nurse. Make the right career choices, today!

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