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Orion – For Accurate Clinical Simulation Recording

Today, healthcare industry is growing at a very fast pace. The healthcare industry makes use of latest technology to expand the knowledge and skills of their staff. Be it a nursing school, hospital or allied health school, they are all using good skill software to run their clinical simulation training spaces.

Medical simulation is the future of healthcare education and training. If you are not using a simulation management tool, you are missing out a lot! There are several companies that offer the services of clinical simulation management solutions. You must get in touch with them to know more about it.

When you are talking about clinical simulation management solutions, the first platform you would be discussing is about Orion. Orion is a web based single platform catering to simulation and skill management. It is one of the most powerful management platforms available today for performing different activities such as clinical simulation recording, center management and evaluation of the performance.

Orion is a versatile platform catering to the needs of all types of spaces. Whether you have a small training space or a big space for training, Orion will cater to your customized needs. You will get the liberty to choose from various options available with the provider. They will help you choose a platform that will not only cater to your present needs but will also help you as you grow.

Orion has a number of good features. It is because of this reason that it is widely used in healthcare industry. It includes USMLE-style Patient Note allowing the students to complete the simulated note. It has an integrated calendar that shows both SP and simulation sessions. When you are using it, you will have access to a learner portal. It will help you arrange the personal information, schedules, calendars, and activities.

Orion offers a good experience to users. It uses the latest technologies and enhances the efficiency of the users. There is a smooth integration of audio and video in it. It has the ability to playback videos on iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac. Apart from this, there are many more features in this versatile platform.

Looking at all the features mentioned above, you will also prefer using Orion, the next generation clinical simulation management solution for your healthcare training institution. If you introduce it in your training space, you are allowing your students to have a good experience. You can get more information about this management solution from the Internet.

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